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Cakes & desserts for all occasions...

A Piece of Cake & Desserts boutique in Clearwater makes cakes, desserts, cupcakes and cookies to order fresh every week.  A Piece of Cake & Desserts takes great pride in making our own buttercream for every order, We wont skim on quality and buy a product that is already made.  Yes it takes a bit longer to produce but our clients and your guests deserve it.  You can choose from our albums one of our many wedding /specialty cakes,  bring us a photo of your dream cake or we can sketch something very unique and a one-of-a-kind.  It is always helpful to our designer if you bring any pictures of what you like, your invitation, decoration elements, swatches of color that you will be using in your event.  In addition it is imperative to know your venue, whether your event is indoors, outdoors, etc...  The cake is and always will be a focal part of your event.  People are always amazed with what we can do with sugar!  We are a top preferred vendor for many venues in the Tampa Bay Area and strive to make every order and experience "A Piece of Cake".

So where do I start with A Piece of Cake & Desserts in Clearwater Tampa Bay?  First have your pictures of cakes that you like or an idea, colors picked out, and some decor elements in mind.  From there book a tasting...come in and try our cakes & desserts but also have time to sit with our cake designer and go over your ideas.
We will sketch your design on paper and talk about flowers and flower placement for your cake or desserts, table suggestions, available stand rentals, delivery information and hopefully leave with a sense of accomplishment and your dream sweets in mind.  We will send you a complete quote, sketch and details of your requests.  If you decide to use our services for your special day, book your cake order and sit back and relax let us make your cake order A Piece of Cake!!

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