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Discover the Passion Behind A Piece of Cake & Desserts

a piece of cake & desserts owner laurie ryan
Laurie Ryan, Chef & Owner
A Piece of Cake & Desserts

Meet the Passionate Mind Crafting A Piece of Cake & Desserts

Embarking on a Culinary Journey: From My First Cake Magazine in 1978 to Crafting Luxurious Cakes and Desserts Today

My journey into the world of confectionery began with a gift from my mother—a cake decorating magazine—in 1978. I fondly recall those early days of baking, creating delights like jelly cookies and homemade doughnuts for my parents. The legacy of culinary artistry runs in my family; my grandmother's cheesecake recipe even earned a mention in the New York Times.

This passion for crafting edible works of art remains my guiding light. Whether it's a sumptuous cake, a mesmerizing dessert creation, delightful cupcakes, intricately decorated cookies, or any of our unique confections and favors, nothing brings me greater joy.

In 2004, I transformed my devotion into reality by establishing A Piece of Cake in the heart of Tampa, Florida. My journey continued as I became a Wilton Method Cake Decorating Instructor at Michaels on Dale Mabry, honing my skills and sharing my passion with others. Progressing further, I assumed the role of Head Pastry Chef at the renowned Island Way Grill on Clearwater Beach, where a single cake for the Executive Chef opened the door to crafting numerous desserts, wedding cakes, and celebratory treats for the restaurant's patrons.

The narrative of my culinary expedition took an exhilarating turn in 2009, when I found myself at the VIP team owners' tent during the Super Bowl at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida. This unforgettable experience allowed me to showcase my talent through mini desserts and a uniquely crafted mango milkshake, relished even by notable figures like Lawrence Fishburn.

Truly, when passion fuels your craft, the journey becomes an enchanting adventure. Join me in celebrating the love for what we do, as we continue crafting delectable memories one creation at a time.

Fulfilling Culinary Dreams: From A Piece of Cake & Desserts' Tampa Haven to Becoming a Grand Hyatt Rocky Point Wedding Cake Specialist

My journey with A Piece of Cake & Desserts flourished further when I established its dedicated location in Tampa. An exciting milestone awaited as I assumed the prestigious role of Wedding Cake Specialist at the Grand Hyatt Rocky Point in Tampa, Florida. With this esteemed position, I had the privilege of crafting exquisite wedding cakes for the hotel's discerning guests. Additionally, I had the joy of creating delectable desserts for the esteemed Sunday Brunches at both Oyster Catchers and one of my personal favorites, Armani's.

These years have been a tapestry of treasured memories, each woven with the threads of countless weddings, events, and the opportunity to collaborate with exceptional clients. My cakes have graced diverse venues, ranging from a majestic Taj Mahal creation at Saddlebrook in Palm Harbor, serving a sizable gathering of 500 guests, to a breathtaking 40-cake Quinceñera castle masterpiece at the iconic Grand Floridian within the enchanting realm of Disney's Orlando.

Driven by boundless love and unwavering passion, my journey continues to be one of crafting delectable artistry. It's my earnest desire to keep sharing these skills, along with the joy they bring, as we unite flavor and art to create irresistibly stunning cakes and desserts

beautiful beauty and the beast quincenera cake

Quincenera Castle Cake
Grand Floridian, Orlando - Florida

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