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Who's Behind A Piece of Cake & Desserts?

a piece of cake & desserts owner laurie ryan

Laurie Ryan - Pastry Chef

My journey into the world of confection... 


began with a gift from my mother—a cake decorating magazine—in 1978.  The legacy of culinary artistry runs in my family; my grandmother's cheesecake recipe earned a mention in the New York Times.


This passion for crafting edible works of art remains my guiding light. Whether it's a sumptuous cake, a mesmerizing dessert creation, delightful cupcakes, intricately decorated cookies, or any of our unique confections and favors, nothing brings me greater joy.

Fulfilling Culinary Dreams: From A Piece of Cake & Desserts' Tampa Haven to Becoming a Grand Hyatt Rocky Point Wedding Cake Specialist

My journey with A Piece of Cake & Desserts flourished further when I established its dedicated location in Tampa. An exciting milestone awaited as I assumed the prestigious role of Wedding Cake Specialist at the Grand Hyatt Rocky Point in Tampa, Florida.   Additionally, I had the joy of creating delectable desserts for the esteemed Sunday Brunches at both Oyster Catchers and one of my personal favorites, Armani's.

These years have been a tapestry of treasured memories, each woven with the threads of countless weddings, events, and the opportunity to collaborate with exceptional clients. My cakes have graced diverse venues, ranging from a majestic Taj Mahal creation at Saddlebrook in Palm Harbor, serving a sizable gathering of 500 guests, to a breathtaking 40-cake Quinceñera castle masterpiece at the iconic Grand Floridian within the enchanting realm of Disney's Orlando.

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