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Book A Tasting

Our Consultations are typically one hour in length.  At your tasting we will go over details of your wedding, colors, decorations, pictures of cakes that you have seen interest in.  We ask that you bring any color swatches, inspirational photos, etc... if you do not have a specific cake already in mind.

Booking your tasting is easy, you simply click on the link and it will walk you through booking your appointment.  We charge for all tastings that you request an actual tasting.  Phone consultations and in store consultations without a tasting are no charge.  Booking through our site will automatically send you reminders of your appointment.  It is that easy!


We offer a 1-hour tasting please select 4 cake flavors and 4 cake fillings.  These are separate and it gives you the chance to make your own combinations.  Or you may choose 4 combinations that are already put together.

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