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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have cake tastings?

Yes we do!  We have an online calendar and you may book an appointment directly online.

Do you charge a fee for cake tastings?

Yes we do charge $25.00 for regular cake tastings.  We charge $30.00 for any allergenic tastings such as gluten free, vegan, dairy free, egg free, etc... 

We charge $40.00 and up for any dessert bar tasting.  We ask that you pick 6-8 items you would like to try.  We have at least four out of 6-8 available at your tastings.

We charge $50.00 for any evening appointments past our closing hours.  You will need to call our shop for after hour appointments as our online calendar will not allow you to book online.

If you are unable to make your appointment or will be more than 30 minutes late we ask that you reschedule your appointment.  We do take appointments on the hour.  If you do not cancel or are late we do not refund the tasting fee.

When should I book my tasting?

Typically you should book your tasting and cake order six-eight months prior to your wedding.  We do book quickly and only take a limited number of orders per week.  Typically the busiest months are February-June and September-November.

What should I bring to my tasting?

Please bring any printed photo of cakes, saved photos on your phone, Pinterest app, bridal magazine photos or inspirational photos, swatches of color, invitation, etc...  This all helps if you have not decisively picked a cake out.  

How many people can attend a cake tasting?

The $25.00 tasting includes bride/groom and you may bring an additional 2 guests at no charge.  Any guests over 2, it would be an additional $25.00.

Can I order a to-go cake box to pick up an take home?

Yes we do offer to go boxes as samples of our cakes.  You may choose 5 cake flavors and five cake fillings or 5 of our pairings of cakes and we will have them available for pick up during normal studio hours.  

What do you charge for your wedding cakes?

We start at $5.00 per slice for our wedding cakes.  Additional charges will apply for flavor combinations, decorations, design work, fondant, lace, etc...  Pricing is based on flavors and complexity of design.

Do you require a deposit?  How can I pay this deposit?

Yes we require a deposit for all cakes, this deposit is non-refundable for any circumstances after three business days.  Our deposit is 33% of the total of your order.  You will receive an official online quote from our software program.  Please review the quote, once you are ready to proceed you simply accept the quote, it move to an order and is placed on our calendar.  You may call us with your credit card and pay your deposit, send in a check to our studio, or pay your deposit using Paypal.  Additional fees may apply for credit card and Paypal payments.  Orders are based on a first come, first serve basis for all dates.  We are unable to hold any date without a deposit.

Do you charge for delivery?

Yes we do charge for all deliveries.  Delivery fees are based on mileage.  We do charge extra for Sunday deliveries, holiday weekends, beach deliveries, etc...  

Do you charge a set up fee?

We do charge a set up fee for dessert bars, cupcake weddings and any other dessert items that are not put together when delivered like a wedding cake.

Do you make faux cakes?

Yes we do, but please keep in mind that it is not much less than a real cake.  It depends on design, sugar flowers, etc.. If you do elect to have a fake cake or any part fake we require that additional servings of cake/cupcakes/desserts equal to your final guest count are purchased from us.

Do you have cake stands available for rent?

Yes we typically have silver and gold stands available for rent, most are $75 to rent and you get back $50.00 when the stand is returned within five days after your wedding.  Please keep in mind that our stands are rented out quite a bit each week and we need each one returned promptly.  After five days no rental fee will be returned.  We do recommend using a cake stand always it just gives your cake an extra touch.

You may elect to purchase your own stand, make sure you know what size you will need an make sure that it can support a multi-tiered cake.  We are not responsible if your stand you purchased is the wrong size or cannot withstand the weight.

Do you ship your cakes or desserts?

Sorry we do not have the availability to ship our cakes or desserts at this time.  We currently can only ship a few items like our cookies and some chocolate dipped desserts.

Should I keep the top layer and freeze for one year?

Honestly we recommend that you do not.  A couple of things to keep in mind...Cakes are made with eggs, butter, cream cheese, cream, etc... after four hours these ingredients can spoil putting your cake in the freezer is not going to kill bacteria and when you take it out it is going to continue to grow.  We recommend ordering another anniversary cake in one year.  This is entirely up to you A Piece of Cake & Desserts will do whatever you would like!

Do you provide a free anniversary cake or how can we get one?

We do provide a free anniversary cake for any order over $750.00.  If you would like an anniversary cake please email us your original cake picture, flavor and filling you would like approximately two weeks prior to your anniversary date. If you order was under $750.00 don't worry you can still order a replica for $30.00.  

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