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Dessert Tables & Bars

It is Always Time for Dessert!  Why not?  We love making all desserts into miniature bites!  So if you are not a big cake eater we have tons of other options available.  Items such as Pie Pops, Push Up Pops, Decadent Brownies...oh yest we even make them in to dessert shooters.  We also have French Macarons, Cannolis, Italian Cookies and a huge list of Chocolate Dipped Desserts.

We suggest 3 small bites of desserts per person, if you are having 100 guests that equals up to about 300 mini desserts.  


You can have desserts as part of the reception or guests can take them to go, just ask we have some pretty nifty packaging ideas.


We have a variety of different displays such as glass, white acrylic, gold, and silver.  We can provide displays with a deposit.

We set up your dessert bar at your reception and try to make everything A Piece of Cake!  Pun intended!





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