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Let Them Eat Cake, And Dessert Too!

Our team at A Piece of Cake and Desserts loves the tradition of wedding cakes!

A scone-like cake was crumbled over the bride’s head in Roman times. In more modern times, a cake with white icing at the marriage of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert started a trend of white wedding cakes. Cakes have always been part of wedding celebrations.

Since Victoria and Albert’s wedding cake in 1840, a lot has changed. From that stogy plum cake that was a ten-foot-wide single layer, we now see cakes of every possible flavor, color, and design.

So, needless to say, wedding cakes aren’t going anywhere soon!

More Than Just Cake!

But, in recent years, dessert tables have grown in popularity. They’re nothing new; they’ve been around for nearly as long as wedding cakes in many parts of the world. There are many reasons why couples choose to include a dessert table as part of their wedding celebration.

The first is so that they can personalize their wedding day. If you are partial to Cannoli or Brownies or Pies, we’ve got you covered! Your wedding cake can be the focal point surrounded by your favorite sweet treats!

The second is to be more mindful of some of the dietary restrictions of their family members and wedding guests. You and your fiancé might have your heart set on our delicious Hazelnut Almond Cake or are not ready to give up on soft, rich real Butter Buttercream. You can simply add in a fantastic dessert that accommodates your guests’ dietary needs.

And lastly, variety is the spice of life! You can have several flavors of delicious wedding cake and some fun, bite-sized taste sensations too!

Special Dietary Needs

Our A Piece of Cake and Desserts team knows that your wedding guests will always have special dietary needs. A dessert table is a perfect way to accommodate some of those needs without sacrificing quality and taste.

We currently offer vegan Mini Cupcakes, Mini Bundt Cakes, Cake Pops, Whoopie Pies, Dessert Shooter, Push Up Pops, and Pie Pops.

Additionally, we offer gluten-free Brownies, Chocolate Strawberries, Mini Cupcakes, Dessert Shooters, Rice Cereal Treats, and French Macarons for guests with gluten allergies. Our team is always happy to talk with you about offerings for other specific dietary needs.

Dessert tables are the perfect addition to your wedding day and sure to be a crowd-pleaser!


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